Layout e conversione in LaTex di qualsiasi formato


LaTeX (developed by Leslie Lamport in 1985) is a markup typesetting system based on TeX (designed and written by Donald Knuth in 1978), used in the scientific field to write in a simple way the mathematical language. Other common word processors are based on the WYSIWYG paradigm (What You See Is What You Get); LaTeX users work instead on a plain text to define the general structure of the document and, at a later stage, on the formatted text, in order to see the final result WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean).

Designing and layout

From the idea to the product. We often work on client’s projects, sometimes we modify them, other times we create them from zero. We always supervise a project starting from the idea to the final product, according to every demand.

Progettazione e impaginazione in InDesign, LaTex e Word
Redazione, editing e traduzioni

Writing and editing

We take care of writing and editing. The writing is made by our staff; when a technical knowledge is needed, we work with professionals such as University or College professors.


We realize different kinds of graphics, from simple two-dimensional ones to functions on the plane, using programs such as Illustrator, Mathematica and LaTeX itself (the latter with the TikZ package).

Disegni e grafici di funzioni matematiche
Corsi di Formazione di LaTex

Training courses

In the last years we have offered LaTeX training courses to teachers and professors; we sometimes train Publishing houses that often deal with LaTeX files, whose decoding is difficult. A basic knowledge of LaTeX proves useful!


LaTeX lends itself well to convert files into XML: thanks to some scripts, we are able to convert files into XML or manage CMS for digital contents. Moreover, with the advent of digital publishing, we produce browsable ebooks with integrated digital contents.

conversione in xml con fogli di stili